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  • $88,000.00 HKD

DNA1 de-noiser, de-clicker, ambience processor

The Weiss DNA1 is an extremely versatile toolbox for restoration work. It handles broadband noise reduction as well as de-clicking and de-crackling. The K-Stereo Ambience Processor brings back life to the music in case it lost some during de-noising, or generates a pseudo stereo signal out of mono. Finally an M/S matrix allows to define the stereo width.

DNA1 – a milestone in the Gambit Series equipment developments at Weiss Engineering. Three state of the art algorithms are packed into the DNA1. The de-noising section has been developed in cooperation with the Pure Notes Company (UK), the de-crackling and de-clicking algorithms are the Weiss R&D lab’s design and finally the K-Stereo Ambience Processor we licensed from Mr. Bob Katz (USA). All functions can be used concurrently. The DNA1 can be switched to M/S mode which can be useful e.g. for de-noising the M channel only while applying less de-noising on the S channel to leave the ambience intact. 

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