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The AFI1 is a no frills digital only Firewire interface. 24 channels of digital I/O in a 1 HU unit. No A/D or D/A.

AFI1, a 24 channel Firewire Interface with eight channels of bidirectional AES/EBU interfaces and 16 channels of bidirectional ADAT interfaces. The AFI1 simultaneously supports the following conversions:

  • Firewire to AES/EBU (8 channels)
  • AES/EBU to Firewire (8 channels)
  • Firewire to ADAT (16 channels maximum)
  • ADAT to Firewire (16 channels maximum)

The sampling frequency can be generated internally of the unit or can be fed to the AFI1 via any of the inputs or via a BNC connector for word-sync input.

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